HGS Bioscience™

Convenient, Efficient, and Sustainable Functional Carbon

Shaping the future of soil and plant health with an innovative and patented delivery platform unlocking potential on every acre

Why Humates: To Improve Soil Health and Improve Farmer ROI

HGS provides three types of humate products:
humic acid, fulvic acid & soluble humin

Humate substance:

  • Are blended with other nutrients in fertilizer mixes to support grower fertility programs
  • Improve soil and crop health for growers:
  • Increase nutrient uptake
  • Support soil microbial activity by providing additional functional carbon
  • Increase yields by unleashing soil nutrients
  • Improves stress management (e.g. heat, drought, poor soil

HGS Differentiation

Industry Leading Product Portfolio
  • Full product portfolio, enabling retailers to serve all fertilizer applications (dry, liquid, liquid starter) across the entire growing season
  • Pure extracted humic, maximizing solubility and availability of functional carbons to soil and plants
  • Industry-low application rates given humic quality, making it easier for retailers to blend and growers to apply
  • Only product formula in the US with base of humic, fulvic, and potash, delivering highest impact application
Commitment to Future Innovation
  • Next generation humic and fulvic platforms, with the ability to add micronutrients, microbials, and extracts on top of our industry-leading granule, powder, and liquid products
  • Strong innovation pipeline and track record of partnering with customers to bring new, customized products to the market (e.g., specialty granules)
  • Proprietary manufacturing processes, >15 patents granted, & many more pending, ensuring that our products are truly differentiated in the market
Superior Supply Chain
  • National footprint of six manufacturing plants, ensuring local, consistent, on-time supply
  • 100% North America sourced and manufactured, reducing your exposure to supply chain risk
  • Tailored support to grow your business, including sales collateral and training for your reps