HGS Bioscience™

Quick, Convenient, Regenerative Extracted Humates

Shaping the future of soil health with an innovative and patented delivery platform unlocking potential on every acre

What makes HGS BioScience™ different?

About HGS BioScience™
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Company Overview

Why HGS Humic?
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Product Differentiation

The HGS Difference
  • Deepest and most versatile portfolio in industry
  • Pure extracted humates, maximizing solubility
  • Industry-low application rates for easy blending and application
  • Only base formula in US with humic, fulvic + K
  • Next generation soil health platform, with ability to deliver biologicals and micronutrients
  • Track record of customized products for customers
  • Proprietary manufacturing processes & 20+ patents granted 
  • National footprint of six manufacturing plants
  • 100% North America sourced and manufactured
  • Tailored support to grow your business