Green CoveSprings, FL
Sardis, MS
Shelby, MT
Brooks, AlbertaCanada
Dubois, ID
HeadquartersJacksonville, FL

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HGS BioScience™

HGS BioScience™ is shaping the future of soil health with innovative and patented extracted humates delivery platforms to unleash yield potential on every acre.

HGS BioScience™ is a world-class manufacturer of patent-protected extracted humate products that improve soil health and crop performance by unlocking the nutrient bank in the soil, increasing organic matter and water holding capacity, reducing plant stress, and thereby unleashing the yield potential of the crop. Our proprietary production process extracts humic substances into a liquid, flash dries the liquid into a powder, and formulates the product into our patented granule, providing greater soil health benefits than raw humic acid.

We are an American manufacturing company of extracted humic acid and fulvic acid products. Our corporate headquarters is located in north Jacksonville, FL; with 5 additional facilities across the US and Canada, we stand ready to meet our customers’ needs.