Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Humic Acid and Functional Carbon Products:

What are the benefits of humic acid products?

Humic acid products provide the following benefits :

(1) Unlock the nutrient bank in soil;
(2) Increase the concentration of organic matter, carbon, and microbes;
(3) Improve stress management; and
(4) Unleash the yield potential of crop

Why does humic acid work?

Humic acids increase soil nutrient availability by chelating metal cations and co-transporting micronutrients to plants. The chelating ability of humic acids have been attributed to its low molecular weight, which is efficacious in altering the biochemical characteristics of the soil.

What kind of performance yield data do you have?

Humic acid has generated yield gains between 5% – 20% across crops (e.g., wheat, alfalfa, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beets, cotton, corn) based on the global A Meta-Analysis of Biostimulant Yield Effectiveness in Field Trials (2022).

HGS’ field trials have found a 75%-win rate and overall ~5% yield increase in trials against MAP fertilizer alone.

What are the other benefits of humic acid?

  • Nitrogen Management: Improves nitrogen use efficiency (reduced nitrogen fertilizer losses by 23-26%; increased corn yields 7-9 bushels at medium to high nitrogen fertilizer rates ),
  • Phosphorus Management: Improves phosphorus uptake (25% increase in phosphorus update in alkaline soils)
  • Water Holding Capacity: Increases water holding capacity by 11%
  • Plant Health: Improves root development and plant stands (+60% increase in roots developed in seedlings and 30% higher root weight)

Difference Between Different Types of Humic Acid Products:

What is the difference between raw and extracted humic acids?

Extracted humic acids provide greater soil health benefits and improved ease of handling compared to raw humates because they are:

(1) soluble,
(2) require a lower application rate (i.e., 4-7 lbs./acre vs. 40-80lbs./acre), and
(3) unlock nutrients faster

Are all extracted humic acids liquids?

No, HGS is a global leader in the production of extracted humic acids in both granule and powder form. Our HGS Performance Granule (HumiK WSG) is an easy to use, highly soluble, extracted humic acid. Additionally, our HGS Performance Powder (HumiK WSP) delivers similar benefits in powder form.

Background on HGS Products:

How does HGS BioScience make a dry humic acid?

Our wet chemistry process begins with the highest quality raw materials micro-pulverized in their naturally dry form, precisely blended into our proprietary alkaline or acidic wet chemistry formulas, and micro-quad filtered to separate out all insoluble material.

Why does HGS make dry products?

Dry products serve as an easy-to-use, versatile option for dry fertilizer applications and are more convenient to transport and ship to customers.

Use of HGS Products:

What are all the components in your Performance Granule and Performance Powder?

Our Performance Granule and Performance Powder will deliver 3 key compounds to your soil:

    1. 60% Humic Acid: Humic acid is the largest molecule and responsible for building the soil health, improving the cation exchange capacity, and creating the environment for soil structure to be build up.
    2. 5% Fulvic Acid: Fulvic acid is the chelator and delivery mechanism within the plant. It is the smallest molecule and when micronutrients are released due to the humic acid, fulvic acid latches onto the micronutrient and transports the micronutrients into the plant via the root or leaf.
    3. 10% Potassium: Every pound of our powder and granule also delivers 10% potassium

What HGS products do I use throughout the crop lifecycle?

HumiK WSG Performance Granule can be applied alone or mixed in with dry fertilizer in post-harvest, pre-emergence, in crop as a side dressing, or with late season urea.

HumiK WSP Performance Powder can be mixed with liquid fertilizers or water for application at any time.

Ful-Grow Gold 2X is our “pure gold” fulvic acid product. It can be mixed with starter fertilizers or applied directly over the drop in-season.

How do I use the Performance powder?

HSG Performance Powder can be used to make liquid fertilizer blends or as a fertilizer coating. Our HumiK WSP has an application rate of 4-7 lbs./acre.

Why do I only need 4-7 lbs. / acre vs. 40-100+ pounds for other humic products?

HumiK WSG is an extracted humic acid. We take the raw humic that has been sitting in the ground for hundreds of thousands of years and extract the active and functional carbon content out of the raw material. This process enables a highly concentrated and immediately active source of functional carbon. It also means that you do not have to spread 10’s and 100’s of pounds of inactive material like you do with raw humic acids that are simply mined and grounded down.

Will the Performance Granule spread like other dry fertilizers?

Yes, the HGS Performance Granule is built to be compatible with dry fertilizer and to eliminate separation after blending. HumiK WSG’s soil solubility and bulk density is comparable to Urea, with hardness and durability similar to that of MAP.

How does high humidity affect the Performance Granule?

We have not seen humidity affect the HGS Performance Granule. It is water soluble – so it is important to keep water away from it – however moisture in the air should not impact it.

I use a liquid humic already but want to use a dry as well. How do the rates match up with liquid humic acids?

The HGS Performance Granule has a 1:1 conversion rate with liquid products in the market. Meaning, using 1 lb. of our performance granule delivers the same humic, fulvic, and carbon content as 1 gallon of leading liquid options.

What are your successes and failures?

Our successes have been very consistent. Our formulas are meant to fully adaptable to existing fertilizer blending and application processes. We have not had any consistent issues or failures with our product portfolio.

HGS Company Background:

Does HGS BioScience produce products in the US?

Yes, HGS BioScience has a 100% North American network of sources and manufacturing sites to ensure you receive consistent & on-time supply.

How long has HGS been in business and why have I never heard of you?

HGS BioScience was founded in 2008 and is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of organic bio-stimulant products. Specializing in the extraction of humic and fulvic acids, we offer our activated bio-stimulants in liquid concentrate, soluble powder, and granule form.

HGS was initially focused on the international fertilizer market. As we have developed our product portfolio, we identified an opportunity to support retailers and growers in the United States, especially with dry fertilizer application. We are committed to growing with customers in the United States to shape the future of soil health with innovative and extracted humate delivery platforms to unleash yield potential on every acre.


Buying HGS Products:

Where can I get HGS products?

You can see all products in our HGS Solutions section of this website.

If you would like to purchase products or have any questions, please Contact page to find your regional sales representative or call (904)-329-1012.