HumiK Liquid

Ready-to-go, liquid. Humic Acid Granule CONTENT ANALYSIS Humic Acids: 8-10% Fulvic Acids: 1-2% HumiK WSG  (Humic Acid Granule)  Dry Blending with N-P-K Fertilizer  Great for hydroponics and soil mediums Available Product Variants:  2-4 mm (200-400 SGN) “AG” 0.8-1 mm (80-100 SGN) “Turf” Available Product Variants: 2,200lb/1MT (Super Sack) 55lb/25kg Bags (Pallet)

Ful-Grow Gold 2x

Our best in-season, foliar fulvic product, ideal for use in concert with the humic platform. Humic Acid Granule Ful-Grow Gold 2x is an organic acid-based fertilizer additive formulated to improve fertilizer application and compatibility. This product may alter the pH of certain solutions. This product may be applied with various irrigation water systems. CONTENT ANALYSIS…