About HGS BioScience

HGS Bioscience is shaping the future of soil health with innovative and patented extracted humate delivery platforms to unleash every acre. Our proprietary Extracted Granule Technology transforms the highest quality humic substances into a patented granule that enables easy delivery to the soil.

With a track record of innovation and a footprint of 5 U.S. production facilities, HGS Bioscience has the deepest and most versatile portfolio in the industry focused on soil and plant health.

Our Extracted Granule Technology in HumiK® ONE is the most effective and convenient way to deliver humates to the soil. HumiK® ONE features extracted humates that are soluble in the soil solution and readily available for plants, allowing lower use rates. Our new low dust formulation enables improved blending capabilities with urea.

HumiK® ONE is the one granule for delivery of extracted humates with nutrients or biologicals to form new solutions that meet grower needs.