Why Choose HumiK?

Exceptional Raw Material Source

We source our raw material humate from a unique, ancient freshwater peat bog in North America. This source contains some of the highest concentrations of humic and fulvic acids, extremely low levels of heavy metals, and an abundance of functional carbons and organic matter setting our raw material apart from competitors.


Advanced Wet Chemistry Extractions

Our wet chemistry extraction process unlocks the full potential of raw humates. By extracting the humic and fulvic molecules and filtering out insoluble materials, we create a highly effective, activated humate solution ready for agricultural use.

Cutting-edge Spray Drying Technology

Our advanced spray-drying technology removes moisture from the extracted humate solution, producing an ultra-fine potassium humate powder with exceptional solubility and functionality.

Patented Granulation Technology

Our patented process allows us to create a water-soluble granule. The result is a versatile HumiK granule perfect for blending with dry fertilizers  and is a building block to deliver micronutrients and biologicals.


Improved Solubility & Polydispersity

Our wet chemistry process activates humic molecules for better chelation, complexation, and buffering of nutrients. The resulting humic substances are highly polydispersive, enhancing
aggregate stability and promoting a healthier soil structure.


Enhanced Nutrient Use Efficiency

HumiK applications have been shown to improve nutrient translocation in the root zone and soil solution chemistry, resulting in more efficient nutrient use and healthier crops. 

  • Nitrogen – HumiK enhances nitrogen use efficiency by promoting nitrate transportation and utilization in the root zone.
  • Phosphorus – HumiK increases phosphorus use efficiency by up to 15-25 % by preventing nutrient fixation and enhancing chelation and complexation.
  • Potassium – HumiK improves potassium availability in soil by releasing fixed potassium and promoting chelation and complexation.

Increased Water Use Efficiency

HumiK adds micropores to the soil, which retain water like a sponge. This can lead to a 10+% increase in water sequestration, improving water use efficiency.

Promoting Soil Health & Sustainability

Our proprietary wet chemistry processes create functional carbons that, when combined with conventional fertilizers, contribute to healthier soil, better water-use efficiency, and enhanced soil sustainability.

The HumiK Advantage

When it comes to enhancing soil, plant, and human health, HumiK is the clear choice. Our advanced manufacturing processes and commitment to quality make us the preferred partner for farmers, fertilizer dealers, and large ag retailers worldwide. Experience the HumiK difference today.