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Introducing our latest 2024 Products

HumiK ONE - Extracted Granule Technology
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HumiK•ONE, our new flagship product, is the most effective and convenient way to apply humates with biologicals and nutritionals to the acre. HumiK•ONE combines all the same benefits of our current products with a new low dust formulation and improved blending capabilities with urea. HumiK•ONE is a “soil-first” product that protects yield potential in all soils and conditions. 

Dr. Stephanie Wedryk - Global Director of Technical Services & Development
Dr. Stephanie Wedryk - Global Director of Technical Services & Development
Humik•ONE Solubility Test
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Soil Penetration

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Water Holding Capacity

What makes HGS BioScience™ different?

About HGS BioScience™
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Company Overview

Why HGS Humic?
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Product Differentiation

The HGS Difference
  • Deepest and most versatile portfolio in industry
  • Pure extracted humates, maximizing solubility
  • Industry-low application rates for easy blending and application
  • Only base formula in US with humic, fulvic + K
  • Next generation soil health platform, with ability to deliver biologicals and micronutrients
  • Track record of customized products for customers
  • Proprietary manufacturing processes & 20+ patents granted 
  • National footprint of six manufacturing plants
  • 100% North America sourced and manufactured
  • Tailored support to grow your business