A Carbon Charged Concentrate

The World’s 1st liquid humin, activated carbon for soil health. Liquid Carbon 10 Soil

CarboN-10 is a liquid Humin concentrate that is formulated for improving soil health, salt remediation in salty soils, reducing soil compaction, enhancing soil buffering capacities, complexation, and CECs, along with increasing water and nutrient availability.

Not a "before and after" photo. Does not show the actual effects of using the product.


As a true value added Humic product CarboN-10 is ideal for:
✦ Salt Remediation in Soil
✦ Erosion Control medium for sediment
✦ Rangeland post-fire treatment (water penetration and sediment control)
✦ Bioremediation for Hydrocarbon Spills
✦ Osmoprotectant in irrigation waters
✦ Nursery container grow medium

Liquid Carbon 10 Soil

Tests, using Carbon 13-NMR spectroscopy and gel permeation chromatography have demonstrated that we have molecular sizes ranging from less than 1,000 to 800,000 Daltons. We also have nanoparticles, which are 3,000 times smaller than clay particles (which are less than .002 mm). These, in turn, create micropores in which roots, water, and nutrients reside, as research has demonstrated. In addition, the larger molecular sizes establish excellent organomineral complexes or soil aggregates, which can enhance soil health, soil biology, fertilizer, and water-use efficiency, along with enhancing chelating, complexing, and buffering capacities.


Liquid Carbon 10 SoilTheoretically, humin is the nonsoluble fraction of soil humus which breaks down slowly by soil microbial activity and affects the soil by regulating its water holding capacity, ion exchange rate, EC, pH and soil crumble (micro aggregates ).


Content Analysis

Not a "before and after" photo. Does not show the actual effects of using the product.Liquid Carbon 10 Soil

Liquid Carbon 10 SoilHumic Growth Solutions Innovative Biochemical Technology (Humeomics)

Our proprietary processes completely solubilize the humin component of humic substances. Forstructural characterization of our end products, we use carbon C13 NMR spectroscopy for distribution ofcarbon types. As a result, we have effective functional carbons, which can aid proteins, carbohydrates,and lipid metabolisms. HGS also employs gel permeation chromatography (GPC) size exclusion fordetermination of different molecular weights.

We have molecular weights varying from less than 1000to 800,000 Daltons. This makes nutrient translocation, chelation, complexation and aggregate stabilityvery effective.

Liquid Carbon 10 Soil


Our organically complexed Nitrogen (N) has a very slow release and very useful dynamics. Overall, we have high functional groups, especially ranging from Carbon 1 to Carbon 6.

As to our field trials, we have been testing from 2-8 gal/acre and are collectively seeing very good yield, quality, and soil conditioning. We have also generally observed very good root health.

Overall, the product will be useful for a wide range of purposes, such as enhancing soil health and biology, reclamation, revegetation, salt remediation, and bioremediation, along with use in greenhouses.Liquid Carbon 10 Soil

Usage Instructions

Liquid Carbon 10 SoilMIXING INSTRUCTIONS: CarboN-10 is compatible with liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, pesticides, and water. Addition of CarboN-10 to these products should not be undertaken without first testing compatibility on a small scale. When mixing with water, use a ratio of 1 gal of CarboN-10 to 9 gal of water. This is applied prior to the addition of buffering agents and pesticides. DO NOT tank-mix with carbonate-based pesticides, as this will result in significant decreases in efficacy. Follow all directions on pesticide labels prior to mixing with CarboN-10.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Proper timing, rate, and placement of CarboN-10 are vital for desired results and contingent on stages of crop growth, soil fertility levels, and environmental conditions. If uncertain of application rates for your specific soil(s), please consult your local Ag Extension Educator.

Agronomic Crops: 1 - 2 Gallons per Acre (9 - 18 Liters per Hectare)
*up to 5 applications per season (10 gallons per acre)


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Liquid Carbon 10 SoilCarboN-10

▪ Salt Remediation
▪ Reduce Soil Compaction
▪ Enhance Buffering Capabilities
▪ Superior Nutrient Complexation
▪ Increased Water & Nutrient Availability
▪ Boost Healthy Microbial Activity

Liquid Carbon 10 SoilAvailable Packaging:

- 5,500 Gallons (Tanker Load)
- 275-330 Gallons (IBC Tote)
- 2.5 Gallon Jugs (Pallet)

Liquid Carbon 10 SoilClick Here to access product brochure.

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  • Because of stable humus, it creates better aggregate stability:
    Prevents nutrient and water losses in sandy soils and In heavy soils it creates aeration and improves compaction
  • Reduces the phosphor’s precipitation with Ca, Fe, Mg and Al and liberates them into a more accessible form.
  • Excellent medium for salt remediation, as it complexes salts.
  • Enhances root architecture, root hair, root exudates, and enzyme production.
  • Possesses plant biostimulant properties and enhances soil and plant metabolisms
  • Excellent source of carbon and energy for soils and plant metabolisms.
  • Solubilization of micronutrients (e.g. Fe, Zn, Mn) and some macronutrients (e.g. K, Ca, P)
  • Increases buffering properties of soils and Prevents nutrient and water losses in sandy soils
  • Helps to release carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonate in the root zone, which enhances its use in photosynthesis.
  • Increases crop production by 10-40%.
  • Accelerates the ripening period 5-10 days.
  • Increases plant resistance to disease, frost damage, and drought.
  • Liquid Carbon 10 Soil

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    Q): When should this product be applied?

    A): CarboN-10 can be applied in conditioning soils in the fall, during plantation, or at different stages of plant growth. For dipping roots in the product, we recommend 1 qt of this product, plus 1 qt of sea kelp (ascophyllum nodosum) in 10 gal of water.

    Q): How must the product be applied?

    A): You can apply through sprinklers, spray in the soil, and you can also apply via drip system. You do not need to dilute if injecting through irrigation system. If you want to spray, use 5 gal of CarboN-10 in 25 gal or more. In other special cases, you may use 1 qt in 1 gallon.